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Using long-staple cotton the fibres are expertly spun into SUPERFINE yarns, which are woven in Shangdong Province by specialist weavers.

Once woven, the raw fabric is sent on the roll to Nantong where it passes through various finishing processes that give the fabric superb whiteness and makes it ultra-smooth to touch.

From here, the newly finished fabric is inspected for quality control and then cut and hemmed with precision and care by the expert production team at Beaumont & Brown.

Beaumont & Brown identify and understand every step in our products' manufacture and journey and we are proud of the standards we maintain - from the thread to your bed.

Our SUPERFINE yarn creates wonderful bed linen in any thread-count. The symbols below on each page indicate whether the product has a 200, 300 or 400 thread-count per square inch of fabric:


At Beaumont & Brown we understand the market and give our customers what they want, rather than try to sell them what we have.

We consistently exceed our clients' expectations and we have acquired an enviable reputation of providing the same level of care and attention whether it's a bespoke solution for a boutique hotel or a 1500 room hotel.

When it comes to understanding textiles, we recognise that thread count is a factor when choosing commercial bed linen, but, it is not the most distinguishing criteria; and this is where our knowledge and interpretation of the technical side of linen manufacture comes into its own.

Cotton fibre length and denier (or the thickness of each thread), are equally, if not more important factors to take into consideration when we select the raw cotton (griege) to undergo the various finishing processes that transform it into linen that you will be proud of and that your guests will often remark upon.

We select the highest quality cotton fabric and have it finished in our selected finishing plant in Wuxi, China. The final product is then made up by our experienced hemmers to a standard we have constantly reviewed and improved on over the years.

Our bedding ranges are available in various thread counts and with a wide range of contemporary patterns and stripes as well as classic, plain, white linen, whereby all our customers are able to find a suitable balance between luxury, comfort and value for money to meet their requirements.

Complementing our comprehensive bedroom and bathroom linens are our other hotel lines: bathrobes, slippers, mattress and pillow protectors as well a range of finest quality duvets and pillows, incorporating both natural and synthetic fibres that experience has shown us, work perfectly within the luxury hotel market.


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