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Founded in 2005 by Robin Beaumont and Norman Brown, Beaumont & Brown has quickly established itself as a key supplier of high quality bed linen to some of the world's finest hotels.

A natural partnership that has brought together Robin's expert knowledge of fabrics and their construction, combined with Norman's keen attention to detail and methodical approach, means that Beaumont & Brown has successfully grown into a brand that has become synonymous with luxury and excellence.

Although Beaumont & Brown began as a manufacturer of bed linens, it was soon realised that what clients were looking for were the same exacting standards from bathroom linens and where possible, from the same, trusted supplier, therefore, excellent sources were soon established for luxury bathrobes and 650gsm towels as well as table linen, too.


Located near to London and in Nantong, China, we are perfectly placed to supply the highest quality linen.

Headquartered in Devon, Robin Beaumont controls the day-to-day account handling, client management and brand building side of the business. Norman Brown is based at our office in Nantong, China where he personally oversees quality control, production and logistics at our factories, thereby ensuring consistent quality from shipment to shipment.

From the outset, the goal was to emulate the quality of the well known Italian brands and over the years Beaumont & Brown have not only achieved this but surpassed it and set new levels of quality in the industry.

A more recent addition to our company is Head of Business Development, Suzannah White who manages new business acquisition and client management. Suzannah regularly travels to meet with our clients, ensuring they are getting the personalized service they need and expect. With three years experience of working with hotel linens, plus a background of working in the luxury hotel sector; she therefore, has a good understanding of the day-to-day operations of a hotel.

Beaumont & Brown are also suppliers to top hotels and large commercial laundries in the UK who service many other of the country's top hotels and our bed and bath linen products can be recognised by the SLEEP and BATHE brands in the UK.


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